How to Use the UTOP

How to Use the UTOP

The UTOP is a criterion-referenced instrument, requiring training and recalibration to maintain the integrity and fair use of the instrument. These training guides are intended to provide resources to instruct, develop, and sustain inter-rater reliability. The training guides provides future raters with specific information relating to the various elements of the UTOP. Particularly, these guides aim to clarify the rating standards for each indicator in order to improve the accuracy and reliability of raters’ ratings. 

UTOP for Mathematics and Science

The UTOP for Mathematics and Science has been tested and revised several times and is now used in several school districts. Download the mathematics/science guide below, or read the guide online, using the links in the sidebar. We also have several samples of completed UTOP instruments; we provide a video of several lessons and a completed instrument for each lesson.

UTOP for Mathematics and Science Training Guide and User Manual (pdf)

Sample UTOP Scoring 

UTOP for Humanities

The UTOP for Humanities is under development. Download a draft of the humanities guide here (pdf).